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Murder At The Bellamy Mansion

When Ashley Wilkes, historic preservationist, and her husband Jon volunteer to restore the belvedere atop the Bellamy Mansion, they have no idea the restoration project will unleash a rash of bizarre murders. First, their general contractor is wounded by a sharp-shooter from a fifth floor window at the Carolina Apartments. Then a guest dies mysteriously at a fund raiser. And a body is found floating in the old cistern. The police are baffled. If the belvedere is ever to be restored, Ashley will just have to catch the murderer herself and get her project back on schedule. Unless, of course, the murderer catches Ashley first!

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“Another winner! Ms Hunter has yet another riveting book for her followers to enjoy. Ashley and Jon are restoring more of the Bellamy house and someone starts playing for keeps!” –Carol Avid Reader

“I love these books and wait impatiently for the next one. Great series and interesting characters. That's why it is one of my favorites.”-- Katherine

“Great sequel!! The characters expand and the plot thickens. I can't wait til I read the next one and the next one....”  --Susan

“Another great Wilmington mystery with Ashley and Melanie. Look forward to Ellen's next book. You do get hooked on her books!” –Jane Rogers

”I have enjoyed all of Ellen Hunter's novels. Super page turners! They have been done with taste, page turning mystery, smidgen of romance, with believable characters. Quite enjoyable.” –Amazon Customer

“Love it. I got hooked on the Magnolia Mysteries after reading Murder at the Bellamy Mansion. Ordered every one and have almost finished the whole series and want more!!!! Love the detail about the older homes and the South. The story lines seem plausible and keep me reading way past my bedtime! It's hard to put any of these books down once you start reading them.” –Jeannette Brock


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