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It's a dream come true for historic preservationist Ashley Wilkes: her restored Victorian house is on the Olde Wilmington by Candlelight tour. But her dream quickly turns nightmarish when a docent is murdered in the library, and her friend, history professor Binkie Higgins is the likely suspect. As the bodies drop faster than dead needles off a dry Christmas tree, Ashley's as busy as Santa's elves: proving Binkie's innocence, rescuing sister Melanie and a historic property from a ruthless developer. And, la-di-da, solving the Atlantic Coast Line's 40 year old payroll robbery.

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“Great reading! Good, strong characters and a plot with many twists and turns . The author pulls them all together at the end ... with something quite interesting! The fact that this writer sets her books in Wilmington, NC makes it even better, for Wilmington is only a little over a hundred miles from here and most of the places she mentions are familiar to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it... and no foul language!! Good job, Ms Hunter!” --Gloria

“I absolutely love all of Ellen Elizabeth Hunter’s books. Her books main character is Ashley Wilkes who restores old homes Wilmington, North Carolina. The suspense holds you to the very end. Reading Murder on the Candlelight Tour will make you want to read all of her stories.” –Cynthia Borklund

“I've read the entire series to date and love them all. The tidbits of history are woven expertly - I feel like I live there and actually know these people. The characters are that good. You end up wanting to visit just to take part in the events and see the city. . . . This book is a good beach read, a good "I've had a bad day and just need to escape" read . . .“ – Baker Lady

“Fun book and great read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, both because I love a good mystery and because I love historical restoration. The characters are well developed and believable, as well as charming. There's enough romance to be interesting, without hampering the main thrust of the plot, and I like the fact that there's not a lot of explicit sex. That's not really my thing. The plot is complicated enough to hold attention but not so much that you have to take notes to keep up. Altogether a good book with the promise of more to come for this character.” –Hollister C. Price

“Fascinating thriller. A little history, some southern charm and a lot of suspense filled action. People being murdered everywhere keeps the reader turning pages to find out 'who done it'. Fun read.” –Claudette Cleveland



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