Welcome to the Beautiful Carolina Coast, Home of Magnolia Mysteries
& Author Ellen Elizabeth Hunter


As the historic Thalian Association is about to celebrate its 225th anniversary, Ashley and her family are involved with preparations for the celebratory events. Brothers-in-law, Ray and Cameron, announce a contest for best musical. The winner will receive a large cash prize and the winning musical will be produced as a stage play by the Thalian Association and then made into a movie. With Wilmington known as Wilmywood, the Hollywood of the East, there is certain to be enough raw talent to produce the play and movie right here - downhome. But is the cash prize so tempting someone will kill for it? Meanwhile, when the historic Montjoy house comes on the market, Ashley and Jon snap it up. They will restore the former boarding house for cash-strapped actors to its Late Georgian grandeur and make it their home. But when Ashley and Jon try to evict the tenants, they find themselves embroiled in feuds involving blind ambition and desperate greed.

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“Best book in the series. I have enjoyed reading the Magnolia series very much. I loved the historical aspect, and the murder mysteries were great, with a lot of suspense and surprises. . . . I thought this book was the most fascinating of them all! I loved the story of Dalton and Berlin and the family treasure. I was literally on the edge of my seat! . . . Wonderful book; wonderful series.” –Deb

“I absolutely love this series. I so enjoy hearing about these beautiful houses in Wilmington, NC along with the mysteries and the relationship shared between two sisters. Please Ms. Hunter, more Magnolia Mystery Book.” –Susan M. Atkinson

“I loved reading not only this book, but also the other books in this series. Now I'm waiting for any additional books in this series.” –Judyann Hewkin

“Can't wait for her next book!” –Larry Robinson

 “Wonderful series. I stumbled upon this series as a result of a free kindle book. I enjoyed that book so much, I purchased the rest of the series. . . you will love this Wilmington, NC series. Full of interesting historical facts as well as a good cozy mystery in each book!” –Gloria Robinson

“I really enjoyed this book, it was the best. I have visited the sites, the beaches, and restaurants many times. Elijah's rocks! The musical, the family scenes, the treasure hunt, and do not forget the murder among the restoration, always please.” --Susan


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