Welcome to the Beautiful Carolina Coast, Home of Magnolia Mysteries
& Author Ellen Elizabeth Hunter



Wilmington’s social event of the season is about to unfold: Ashley and Melanie’s lavish Christmas-theme double wedding to their princes charming, Jon and Cameron. Vows will be exchanged at St. James Church, out-of-town guests are comfortably ensconced at picturesque B&Bs, and the wedding planner is none other than Colin Cowie himself. What could possibly spoil the nuptials? A hyper-critical mother-in-law known to an older generation as the Sweetheart of the Silver Screen? A Wall Street hunk who has vowed to proclaim his love for one of the brides? A “Queen of the Tarot Cards” bridesmaid who is predicting catastrophe for the wedding day? Or is it the mysterious wedding crasher whose life of lies just might cost the brides their own?

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“This one of the best wedding stories I have ever read. Just a few mysterious things thrown in to keep things interesting, but not anything heinous to take away from the wedding theme. I felt like I attended all the festivities.” –Sharyn “swittrup1”

“Can’t get enough of them! The magnolia mystery series is among my favorite reading. I hope Ellen Elizabeth Hunter doesn't stop writing them for a long time!!” –Katherine “Kat”

“Of course nothing goes smoothly for Ashley and Melanie, but it's a fun romp to the alter. Of course Hunter throws some twists to keep it interesting!” --So glad I got this book.

“Happy that the Wilkes sisters finally got their dream men. Now what kind of trouble will the FOUR OF THEM get into?” –Christine Sheehan

“Wonderful book. Another great mystery from the author. Keeps you on your seat in suspense.” –Anna Dellinger

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